Where do you turn to, in a bizarre world of zero interest rates and infinite money supply? Where stonks seem to only go up, and traditional valuation metrics hardly seem to make sense anymore.

Investing is no longer what it used to be. From data driven analytics to DeFi to SPACs – only the nimblest and the ones who bring the most value to the table will survive.

Banks and institutions are held hostage by regulations on one side, and getting eaten alive by technology on the other. There is a generational shift happening in the financial world – money itself is changing.

A new wind is blowing and it is that of digitalization. Adapt or die is now the new mantra.  Join the revolution as we usher in a new era of wealth in this digital chapter.

Until then, live long and huat ah.

Brandon Chee

Ex-Global Markets Junkie turned Crypto Aficionado. Navigating wealth in an age of crypto, stonks and infinite QE.

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